Feng Shui


Feng Shui implementation in our Villas

Feng Shui is a science, based upon experience and observation that is over 3,500 years old. Both a philosophy and practice with its roots firmly embedded in the Far East, “Feng” & “Shui” stand for “wind” and “water”, indicating the two central influences in our surroundings and environment.

These symbols have been utilized throughout our properties in Megalochori.

A highly qualified and experienced team of experts were consulted during the renovation stage. The focus was on the important energetic aspects of comfort and design, in order to guarantee the optimal relaxation for our guests. Subsequent construction and decoration used colors from the five elements of the earth.

The houses have been harmoniously designed under the consideration of the aspects of Qi – Mag Feng Shui and environ energy cleansing, called Geomancy.

With organic and balanced architecture which facilitates good air circulation, the villas increase a unique feeling of absolute comfort and relaxation for our guests.

The layout of rooms follows principles of yin and yang for absolute balance and harmony.